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Candis H.

I looooove Brown Butter Bakery and the Brewer family! Not only do my family and I enjoy the cookies, but as a Realtor, Brown Butter Bakery is my go-to for Open House snacks and client post-closing gifts. Their cookies are ooey gooey delicious!

Diana D.

Delicious cookies and cake pops from Brown Butter Bakery are a big hit in our house and we love to share them with our friends and family. These cookies are so good and the flavors are fun and always tasty, we have not found one we don't like but that Birthday Cake Cookie might be at the top of the list! Courteous and friendly, always delivered with a big smile. We love Brown Butter Bakery! If you're looking for a great gift or just have a sweet tooth craving call Brown Butter Bakery! Highly recommended!

Jennifer G.

I was over the moon when I found out Brown Butter Bakery has GF options. Our neighbor so graciously delivered a few boxes to our house. When I tell you these are the BEST cookies I've ever had, I'm not kidding. They are DELICIOUS!!!
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