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Traditional Cookie Cakes

Whether you're celebrating a birthday, a victorious win, or a well-earned milestone, these cookie cakes are the perfect show-stopping centerpiece for all of life's celebrations. Click the button below to get started!

Custom Cakesicles

Elevate your celebration by offering your guests a sweet and custom cakesicle treat! Our custom cakesicles begin at $50 and include 12 cakesicles set in a beautiful gold-wire tray, ready to be displayed at your gathering! Ready to order? Click below to get started!


Custom Image Cookies

Whether you are hosting a party or are looking for a unique item to impress clients, our custom image cookies leave a lasting impact. The visual element is truly the cherry on top of an already delicious and decadent dessert! Ready to order? Click below to get started!

Celebration Cookie Cakes

Looking for a dessert piece that stands out? Need a cake but prefer cookies? We've got you covered! From elegant multi-tiers to a tier perfect for an intimate group of four, we have the most delicious show-stopping cookie cakes around. Want a quote for your celebration? Click below to get started!

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